Sep 06 2009


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UPDATE – I’m working on a new website.  Stay tuned!

I am an experienced executive leader in multiple healthcare settings including pharmaceutical industry, healthcare digital startup, and sub-Saharan African healthcare delivery and sustainable development.  I’m a pharmacist with a current license and have practiced in US hospital and retail pharmacies, including healthcare information systems.  See more on my LinkedIn profile.  A PDF of my resume is available here.

I have a personal passion and commitment to use my talents to serve the marginalized of society.  I enjoy challenges that bring my experience of pharmacy, drug development, business and information management together to create value through open collaboration and innovation.   Feel free to contact me at

I work for Antidote Technologies, a leading innovator in helping patients find, understand and connect to clinical trials.  Check out our advanced search called Antidote Match in the menu tab above.


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