Jan 06 2024


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I am a servant leader in multiple healthcare and organizational settings including pharmaceutical industry, healthcare digital startup, non-profit, and sub-Saharan African healthcare delivery and sustainable development. A PDF of my resume is available here.

I have a personal passion and commitment to use my talents to serve the marginalized of society.  I enjoy challenges that bring my experience of international development, people development, and business operations together to create value through open collaboration and innovation.  There is nothing like a group of people committed to a common purpose to change the world.  Feel free to contact me at thomasalankrohn@yahoo.com.

I currently lead the pharmaceutical commercial business of Viz.ai, a leading health-tech company deployed in 1500+ hospital systems to apply AI for disease detection and care coordination for HCPs to take appropriate next step actions.  Patients deserve better than current healthcare provides, and we are making it happen, one disease and patient at time.


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